Scotch Bonnet Jelly, Chilli Jam and Jerk Seasoning.

Our products renowned for their quality and authentic flavours. All are developed to produce totally unique flavours. Our delicious chilli jelly and chilli jam are fruity and hot, fantastic with cheese and pickles, wraps or as dips with your favourite snack. They are great spread on sandwiches, burgers or barbecued foods. We also stock a range of tasty savoury chilli sauces with heat levels ranging from mild to seriously hot. Jerk seasoning paste is a speciality of ours, made with a combination of authentic ingredients to produce tasty distinctive smokey flavours associated with Caribbean Jerk food. Our selection of spicy dry rub seasonings will add flavour to meat, fish or vegetables in an instant for you to enjoy. See the rest of our website for full range of products guaranteed to brighten up any food.

Caribbean food has attitude and that’s exactly what you get with Frank&Co chilli sauces, jellies, and marinades. Authentic island ingredients and bold flavour in every bottle.

Our quality dry rubs and marinades are full of great flavours. All are developed using a combination specially selected ingredients, that when used will transform your food to taste delicious instantly.

Our 100% vegan-friendly range includes something for all the family with crowd-pleasing flavours ranging from rich and mild, to seriously hot. At Frank&Co, we always say that…

“An open jar is an empty jar”.