Meet Frank the man behind the brand

Frank at Cosford Food Festival

Frank is a  self-confessed chilli-lover and the driving force behind the Frank & Co brand. 

Every chef will claim a lifelong love of cooking, but in Frank’s case, he isn’t kidding. Ask him when his relationship with food began and he’ll tell you he fried his very first egg at just three years old!
Frank’s adventures with chilli began in 2010 in a Wolverhampton. A store owner presented Frank with a bag of leftover Scotch Bonnet chillies and said, “…here you go Frank, see if you can do something with these.” After hours in the kitchen spent fine-tuning flavours, Frank & Co’s original Scotch Bonnet Jelly was born.

This distinctive sweet and hot chilli jelly was and still is an enormous hit. The first batch flew off the shelves and before he knew it, Frank was back in the kitchen meeting orders from shopkeepers all over town. 

Today, Frank & Co’s tantalisingly hot and flavourful range includes marinades, sauces, dry rubs and seasonings, made with fresh local produce and authentic island ingredients. From the heart of the midlands, Frank is on a mission to bring that Caribbean kick to kitchens all over the UK.