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Scotch Bonnet Jelly and Chilli Jam

Our complete product range at a glance. You can refer to the heat scale as an approximate guide to heat, hottest first to mild in each category. Be assured that all products are well balanced in flavour and heat.

Scotch Bonnet Jelly
Original 200g

Our Original Scotch Bonnet Jelly, a sweet, piquant and hot flavour. A great dip eaten with cheese and pickles or any snack at any time. Add a spoon to your cooking for an instant chilli hit to the sauce.

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Scotch Bonnet Jelly Pineapple


A fruity and hot Pineapple flavour  scotch bonnet jelly is a really great combination of fresh pineapple and chillies to produce a delicious fruity flavour. Great spread on a sandwich or with cheese, pickles and crackers.

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Chilli Jam 200g


Our Fruity Mango and Lime Chilli Jam is a blend of exotic ingredients that will entice your palate.The sweet and piquant flavour is a delicious combination with the addition of chilli. Great spread on haloumi cheese. 

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Hot Chilli Sauces

Green Reaper Sauce 170g

A green chilli sauce  that’s tasty and seriously hot! Made using a combination of three chilli peppers including the Carolina Reaper Pepper, herbs and spices. Our Green Reaper Sauce is full of flavour and extremely hot! Ready to serve with any food, this sauce is especially good with noodle dishes.

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Red Scorpion Sauce 170g

A seriously hot chilli sauce with a smoky citrus flavour. This sauce is made with Chipotle Pepper, Scotch Bonnet Pepper and Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Pepper. The flavour of orange juice and specially selected spices make for a unique taste. Ready to serve with any food, this sauce will add zing and heat to whatever you eat!Heat Scale

Hot Pepper Sauce 150g

Our Hot Pepper Sauce has got loads of flavour and heat! The sauce is made with specially selected exotic ingredients including lots of fresh ginger, scotch bonnet pepper and the famous Carolina reaper pepper. This sauce is full of Caribbean flavour and very hot, a great accompaniment to your food.

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Jerk Sauce

Jerk Sauce 250g 

Our Jerk dipping sauce is full of smoky flavours found in traditional jerk pit cooked food from Jamaica. Made with a blend of spices to create an authentic sauce that is great accompaniment with roast meat, fish or vegetables.

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Chilli Tomato Sauce 250g

A chilli tomato sauce that is bursting with the flavour of tomatoes and a hint of star anise. Specially chosen spices and a blend of chilli peppers. This sauce goes with anything, delicious with pizza.

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Duppy Conqueror Hot Sauce 170g

The word ‘Duppy’ means Ghost in Jamaica. This extremely hot sauce is made with a combination of 2 of the world’s hottest peppers . The Ghost Pepper and the Carolina Reaper. This sauce is spicy and full of flavour.


Jerk Seasoning and Chilli Paste

Bonney Pepper Pot 120g

Our fiery chilli paste will add heat and flavour into anything it accompanies. Made with fermented scotch bonnet, chipotle peppers, caramelised onions and capers. This chilli paste packs a punch that just keeps on giving. Kept in the fridge handy for anytime you want a spicy chilli flavour.
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Jerk Seasoning 310g

Our Jerk Seasonin’ paste is full of authentic Caribbean flavour, made with habanero peppers and a combination of specially selected herbs and spices. Rub into meat to give a depth of flavour similar to jerk food from the Caribbean.
Gluten free recipe.

Jerk Paste

Jerk Seasoning 228g

Our Jerk Seasonin’ paste is full of authentic Caribbean flavour, made with habanero peppers and a combination of specially selected herbs and spices. Rub into meat to give a depth of flavour similar to jerk food from the Caribbean.
Original  recipe.

Jerk Paste

Spicy Dry Rubs

Jerk Seasonin’ Dry Rub 125g

Our New Dry Jerk Seasonin’ Rub is a milder version of our Jerk Seasoning that’s full of authentic Caribbean flavour. Use to marinate Meat, Poultry, Fish or vegetables before cooking in the oven or the barbeque grill. Looking for a greater depth of flavour? Season 50/50 with Jerk dry rub and Jerk paste before cooking. Heat Scale 

Green Seasonin’ Dry Rub 115g

Frank & Co Green Seasonin’ Rub is a blend of exotic Caribbean herbs and spices. A dry rub that can be used to marinade and also as an essential cooking ingredient when making a curry. Inspired by the Caribbean green seasoning paste, the flavour of our seasoning will transform your food whether meat, poultry or vegetable.Heat Scale

Escovitch Pickle 255g

Our Escovitch Pickle Pepper is piquant and hot! Taste the full heat of the scotch bonnet peppers with the added crispness of onions, chow chow and carrot. Use as an ingredient to make escovitch fish or chicken. Great when added to your favourite sandwich filling, wraps or as a food accompaniment.
Jerk Paste